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The To Fill A Backpack program is now closing out their 12th year of collecting

supplies and distributing backpacks in 6 different counties including Bradford,

Cameron, Lycoming, McKean, Potter and Tioga Counties. 


In 2020 we distributed 474 backpacks with supplies and monetary donations

coming in from our local communities.


Our backpacks are distributed by requests and referrals.  We do not ask for personal

information such as income, etc. and any information that we collect is used strictly

for reporting purposes only and is destroyed after the distribution is completed. 

We do not share any personal information. 


Anyone that asks for a backpack receives a backpack based on the honesty system.  We

ask that you don’t ask just because it is free…if you need one please ask…if you

don’t need one and can help us out please do. 


We accept donations year round as well as distribute backpacks year round.  Our

biggest collection and distribution time is June through August but again we will accept

and distribute year round.


The main items that we are looking for to be donated are backpacks (non-rolling because they tend not to fit in to the lockers), Colored pencils, Erasers (pencil cap), Kleenex (travel pack size), Notebooks (1 subject), Pencil sharpeners (small), Pencils (#2 yellow), Portfolios (2 pocket) and rulers.  We ask that you do not buy gender specific items and try to stick with the items that are noted but we will never refuse a donation of any kind.  When we originally started our excursion, we packed the backpacks different for Elementary and High School.  Do to limitations of storage, etc. we decided to pack all the backpacks the same to make things easier.  We standardized the backpacks and now fill them with the main essential items that all grade levels can use.


How do we keep going:

Our Organization works solely from donations and fundraisers.  We have no paid

Employee’s, Administrators, etc.  We all volunteer our time and enjoy every minute

of it.  We work long and hard to raise the money we need to do what we set out to

do every year “Send Children To School With The Supplies They Need”


If anyone would like to make a monetary donation, you can send a check or money

order to To Fill A Backpack - Attn: Donations - 81 Burleson Avenue - Roulette, PA  16746. 

You can also make a donation with a credit card by clicking on any of the Donate links

found throughout our website.  This will take you to a secure server where you can process

your donation by PayPal or Credit Card.
 Again, to all of those who helped in one way or another..."THANK YOU VERY MUCH"

from the organization and the children who benefit from your generosity. 


Suggested items to donate  
See how we got started .
Request a backpack


Make a donation by credit card  

 Check out the live feed

of our Glowforge Laser Engraver

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 Send an email to: info@tofillabackpack.org


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